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At HUUS we believe that true luxury is not excess but rather a purity of design, a quality of build and finish that contributes to true comfort and satisfaction. We are proud of creating rooms that delight the senses and sensibilities as well as satisfying needs and order. Cleanly minimal or smartly traditional – our experts will work with you to design a timeless space that is indeed a true luxury.

Executive Team

David Litchfield


David has an extensive background in international business development, market access and trade. Experienced in the fields of construction and building materials, natural resources, professional services, technology, agriculture and food. He works well in both technical and non-technical environments. Fluent in Japanese (business level) with experience in various countries in Asia.


Jeff Dunning

New Business Development

Jeff is a seasoned business professional with over 12 years experience in the renovations industry.  Owning direct supply franchise, Jeff has managed over 12,000 plus installations with offices in Ontario, Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer. In order to reduce the supply chain costs, Jeff purchased a stone factory in China and was able to source stone at more reasonable costs.

Cheri Litchfield

Design Partner

Cheri is a multi-talented professional with a passion for design and creation. She has extensive experience in interior design, with an uncanny ability to be just far enough ahead of the future trends to always be current and ensure projects undertaken make a design statement while having life and longevity. 

Fareed Goudarzi

Industrial Engineer / Custom Cabinet Maker & Designer

Fareed is a custom cabinet maker and designer with an attentive eye to precision and detail. He truly cares about building items of quality and utility. Client satisfaction is a high priority. He is a true gentleman and artisan.

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